Who we are?

We are the coordinating body for the network of Karen communities in the United States of America.


What we do?

We locate and identify communities of people from Burma, focusing on the Karen and assist them in forming self-help programs and building up the communities.

Since its founding in 2007 KACF has continued to expand its contact with local Karen communities and has identified local point persons and leaders in the various communities. Ongoing discussion and contact with these leaders and with local community members has helped KACF to identify specific issues where communities need training, technical assistance and support.




Oscar BaAye and Stephen Dun: About their lecture: Over fifty years of civil war have left Burma one of the poorest countries in the world. The military dictatorship attacks its own people, killing thousands, and leaving millions displaced. The Karen people, an indigenous minority, have been struggling for independence against Burmas military dictatorship all these years. This talk will give a historical context to the situation of the Karen people and highlight the current situation.