To gather, analyze, and make available information about the needs and conditions of resettled Karen people in the United States

  • Survey population to identify needs and problems
  • Conduct interviews and home visits in KACF field office locations
  • Document and investigate complaints
  • Establish a hotline for resettled Karen to seek advice and report problems.
  • To provide non financial and non material support services.


Offer advice or connect refugees to assistance and social services such as health care, legal advice, emergency aid.

  • Resolve problems relating to services provided by resettlement agencies, government, and other entities.
  • Investigate and resolve serious complaints through local and national action and advocacy.
  • Advocate for better services to specific field locations or for broader policy changes.


To provide culturally and linguistically appropriate humanitarian and social support services.

  • Provide services that supplement those provided by resettlement agencies.
  • Provide services that address gaps not addressed by resettlement agencies, including safety net programs.


To raise funds

  • Apply for Federal and State level grants
  • Solicit in –kind and financial donations, with a focus at the state level.


To expand our network and raise awareness about KACF to new arrivals, community organizations, the broader NGO  community and state and government entities working on resettlement.


To support the formation of Karen local assistance groups that respond to the needs of the Burmese community as they have defined them. 


To support cultural retention programs that enable Karen to maintain their language and cultural traditions.


To establish scholarship programs for Karen youth and adults interested in pursuing academic opportunities.

  • To organize community youth interaction and exchanges.
  • To conduct outreach and activities targeted at seniors.