Capacity Building and Mentoring program

In 2010, after a series of discussions and assessments with local leaders in various communities, KACF leadership identified a pressing need to strengthen community leadership and understanding around the educational system and the rights of parents and children. Based on the needs assessment, KACF provided training and technical assistance to increase the capacity of Karen communities to support refugee families in resettlement by training community members on key issue to strengthen the leadership capacity to train community helpers through capacity building and mentoring program.





Meeting with Community leaders in Chicago, July, 2012






Mentoring activities: KACF helps to organized community leaders in Clarksville, Arkansas, June 23rd, 2012






Capacity building training in Amarillo and Dumas Texas,         July 30, 2011






Capacity Building Training in Kansas City July 16, 2011




Community helper conference ( Aug, 2009)                                                                                     KACF organized a successful and widely attended conference at Camp Loma Mar in San Mateo, California for about 50 Karen community leaders. Representatives came from 15 states.

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