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The Karen American communities Foundation (KACF), a national non-profit, works to help the Karen people of Burma survive the trauma of resettlement from a jungle war zone to an extremely dissimilar urban culture. The primary purpose is to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate humanitarian and social support services to improve the living conditions and quality of life of the Karen people and other people from Burma in the United States, and to advocate for an environment that would help their smooth acculturation and integration. As part of this goal KACF supports nascent Karen organizations and communities of persons from Burma who are trying to organize themselves to better assist each other in the resettlement process.


In order to carry out our projects effectively, the KACF needs your help in the areas that interest you most:

– KACF annual board meeting

– Capacity building and mentoring project

– Newsletter and Brochure project

– Emergency assistance for the refugees in United State.


To support KACF activities, you can make check payable to;

Karen America Communities Foundation

P.O. Box 34633

Washington, DC  20043



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