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Related Links —   Good  resource for cultural and situational awareness —  Detailed information on human rights abuses in Karen state and Burma —  Resource for situation updates in Karen state — Resource for written material in Karen including online dictionary and translation —  Resource for working with Karen teachers’ — Karen Environmental group’s. — Karen News– Karen News


Resources for refugees, and agencies working with Karen; Translation to  and from Karen, Burmese and other Languages:


General Information


  1. Refugee Voice: Helping a Single mother from Burma (English).
  2.  World Refugee Survey (English)
  3. Health: A. Healthy Refugee Toolkit (Karen, Burmese and other languages) B. Nutrition Outreach Toolkit (Karen, Burmese and other languages)
  4. Refugee Family Strengthening Programs (Karen, Burmese and other languages)

home       Welcome to the Library (Karen Subtitles)

Nickel City Smiler        Nickel City Smiler (documentary)

        Karen Connection Refugee Database

World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment   Downloads and Products ACCESS by ELLS; Sample letters to accompany Parent/Guardian Report (Burmese and other languages.

           An Introduction to Life in America Karen


   Health Care Information 

RHIN-Refugee Health Information Network Logo       Multilingual health information for refugees and their health providers   Karen  and Burmese


Clinical Topics Related to Karen Culture in English (Medical)

Patient Education: Karen and Others


     Assessing the Mental Health of Karen and Bhutanese Refugee families in the Child Welfare system


  CDC 24/7: Saving Lives. Protecting People. Saving Money through Prevention.       Promoting Cultural Sensitivity: A Practical Guide for Tuberculosis Programs That Provide Services to Persons from Burma


Orange County, North Carolina – Immigrant and Refugee Health

Resources: Karen and Burmese and other languages.

 Immunization Action Coalition: Vaccine Information Statements

Karen, Burmese, and other languages.


      Vaccine Information Statement Translation (Karen).